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Friday, 03 February 2006 08:40 pm
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We aren't your ordinary computer technicians. Don't trust your important data to your nephew-in-law's computer repair experience. We have a combined experience of over 30 years repairing every make and model of PC and Mac imaginable. There are plenty of "geeks" or "computer guys" out there to choose from. We have had to fix their mistakes.

We have heard the horror tales from our customers about lost pictures and erased address books. We pay attention to our customers and we want you to be ecstatic about the service we provide as well as the products that we endorse. We feel that computers shoud not become another disposable product like the trend seems to be. A computer should be affordable, upgradeable, customizable, and usable.

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We come to your home or office, no need to unplug everything and lug your system to your car and drive to us. We can fix any of your computer hassles. We offer a full-range of IT services including networking, web hosting, site design, offsite data backup, security analysis, point-of-sales installations, consultation and diagnostics.
Our services section contains a more detailed list of the work we do.
You may also be interested in our previous projects which are outlined in our portfolio page.

More to come... posted on 2006-02-01
Our Tech Terms section will contain a list of technology terms explained in plain english.
We will have a message board and a section for games and stuff soon.
Our online catalog of products is in the works. Look for it in February.
New Stuff posted on 2006-02-01
Check out our Cool Downloads section for some great free software. There are web browsers, media players, office programs, computer security tools, and a lot more. We believe in Open Source Software, there are free alternatives to some of the software you pay hundreds of dollars for. The open-source community are hard working coders who share a common belief in free software as well as provide the source code so other coders can improve open it.
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